Maine winters are brutal.

In addition having some of the coldest temperatures in the country, Mainers are accustomed to digging out of more than four feet of snow every year. That’s why Michael and Stacy Thibodeau, owners of Mt. Waldo Plastics, were alarmed to learn that the State of Maine did not have one company that manufactured snow shovels.

Enter the “Snofighter”

Mike and Stacy started Mount Waldo Plastics with a simple idea: Build a snow shovel that is tough enough for a hard Maine winter. They put hundreds of hours of research into finding the best design for a snow shovel, and they came up with the “Snofighter.”

In addition to its sleek, attractive design, the Snofighter is the best shovel on the market for a number of reasons. Designed by Mainers, it is lightweight, so it reduces the strain put on the users’ back and arms when shoveling. It has a large handle that makes it easy to grip, and the scoop portion of the shovel is made of hard, durable plastic that doesn’t crack, even when used on wet, heavy snow. The Snofighter recently went on the market, and there has already been a big demand for the Maine-made product. 17 businesses now offer the Snofighter and more join the list nearly every day.

If your local hardware store doesn’t offer the Snofighter, ask them to! Be ready for the snow this year with the Snofighter, the only shovel tough enough for a hard Maine winter.  (Store Locations)

Together, we can dig our way out!