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"There will be no mistake. Everyone who touches one of our shovels will know it was made in Maine and crafted with the quality that only Mainers can deliver." - Michael Thibodeau, Owner

Mt Waldo Plastics offers Factory-Direct Pricing to hardware stores and retailers of all types. We sell in pallet quantities of mixed product and can deliver to any location in the United States of America. We know snow shovels and we are looking forward to showing you the best product at a fair price and great customer service today!

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Mt Waldo Plastics makes great snow shovels!

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Mt Waldo Plastics makes great snow shovels!

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Mt Waldo Plastics uses automation to build great shovels.

Why Buy Snow Shovels Wholesale, When You can Buy Factory-Direct?

Buy Mixed Pallets of Snow Shovels & SAVE!

The traditional method of sourcing products for your store was to speak face-to-face with the manufacturer, review their product line and deal direct on pricing, terms and any issues that may come up in the course of doing business with the retail market.

The modern method has become to buy wholesale through a middleman, and master distributor that has cornered all the manufacturers in a given class of product like ours, and both beat down and mark up. Generally a lose-lose proposition for both the manufacturer and the retailer. Buying Snow Shovels wholesale has become the norm in the industry. We'll play along, but we'd rather sell snow shovels direct to retailers.

So, if you are looking for a great source from which to buy snow shovels direct from the manufacturer, whether your store is in Maine, elsewhere in New England or anywhere in the country, we want to become your direct source for snow shovels at factory-direct pricing.

We offer small minimum orders sizes (generally six of a particular model shovel) and will build a mixed pallet order promptly for pickup or delivery through Ross Express to anywhere in the country.

So, drop us a line by email, using one of the forms on this site, or call us on the phone - that's right, you can speak to the owners simply by calling on the phone, and we will help you get started building an assortment of shovels that will...

  • Attract New Clients
  • Satisfy the Price-Conscious, and
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction.

Mount Waldo Plastics, Inc

178 Main Road North

Frankfort, Maine 04438

Mike & Stacy Thibodeau, owners

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