"There will be no mistake. Everyone who touches one of our shovels will know it was made in Maine and crafted with the quality that only Mainers can deliver." - Michael Thibodeau, Owner

Maine's First Snow Shovel Manufacturer...

and one of America's very best.

In 2014, the Thibodeaus was looking for a new adventure...

After spending decades in the family construction and contracting business and a number of terms in the Maine State Senate, Mike was looking for a new venture, something unique, a product or service that had a real need and an opportunity to provide it better than the rest. His wife, Stacy, an experienced business manager, was all for it!

Then, come Winter, it hit him, "we get lots of snow in Maine, and yet there's no snow shovel manufacturers - I wonder why?"

And with that notion, they were off and running, acquiring the equipment, sourcing the materials and establishing a market. Now, Mount Waldo Plastics is one of the featured manufacturers on Maine Made, and distributes their lineup of quality made shovels through master distributors like Orgill, Paris Farmer's Union, and Fastenal, great chains like Reny's and direct to retailers in a variety of markets.

Winters in Maine can be tough. The snow can easily drift higher than a snowblower can throw or a plow can push. What do you do then to remove the snow? Break out the shovel, and it needs to be a good one, a shovel made by someone who knows snow and is proud to put their name on it. In Maine, we know snow, we also know quality and we have a long history of manufacturing, but until 2014, there wasn't a snow shovel manufacturer in Maine.

Now, nearly 10 years later, we can state that we know how to build a great snow shovel, a great snow pusher, and shovels that can move mountains of snow. And yes, we also make one of the finest, sturdiest snow scoops ever made, and yet it only weighs 7.5 lbs! We offer shovels from 14-24 inches that will find a path, dig into a drift or clear away what the snowplow deposited at the end of your driveway. We might even state that we have mastered the art of snow shovel production, even if we do use robots to assemble them!

Our Shovels Look GREAT in PINK!

From the very inception of Mount Waldo Plastics, we have produced a pink shovel. Cancer is a scourge on American families and we donate $2.00 from the sale of each pink shovel towards the battle against cancer. .

Every family in America has been touched by the tragedy of cancer - we all know someone who has battled and won or battled and lost the fight.

Mt. Waldo Plastics is in the fight for the long haul, and will continue to produce our legendary pink snow shovels that deliver a donation of $2.00 with each sale.

To date, we have raised and donated over $80,000 in 9 years and we'd like to see $100,000 to cancer research from the sale of pink shovels before our tenth year.

If you need a shovel, consider making it a pink shovel!

Factory Direct Pricing for Retailers...

Mount Waldo Plastics efficiently produces quality snow shovels that can handle your most demanding snow removal needs, wherever you reside.

If you are a Retailer, looking for a new factory-direct supplier, please visit our Retailer's Page and drop us a line. You may also establish a new account with us on that page as well.

We Reward our Promoters!

Can't find our level of quality snow shovels from a retailer near you? Fill in the form below and if the retailer places an order from Mount Waldo Plastics, you get a free shovel!

We sell shovels in whole or mixed pallets, direct to retailers throughout the United States.

It Really Comes Down to Family...

Mount Waldo Plastics came into existence not just for the benefit of any single individual, but to exercise our belief that everything we do is all about faith and family.

We strive to make a great product because our work reflects on our name, our family, our State, our Country and our God. We care about our family and yours having fine tools at a fair price and working with great retailers that offer quality service along with our product.

We always use top-quality products and mold all of our blades and handles right in our own plant. Our shafts are among the largest in the industry (at 1-1/4") to ensure that our core line can endure even the toughest of winters. If you can lift the snow our shovels can handle it!

Mount Waldo Plastics, Inc

178 Main Road North

Frankfort, Maine 04438

Mike & Stacy Thibodeau, owners

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